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What if the missing piece of your healing journey has been in your mind all along?

What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a process of inducing a specific brain wave that allows the nervous system to relax so that you can access your subconscious thoughts and memories. During a hypnotherapy session, a client is assisted in transitioning from a beta brainwave (conscious thinking) into an alpha brainwave (subconscious mind) which allows the client to review and rewire thought processes that can help them resolve a specific issue in their conscious, daily life. We remove the limiting beliefs that have been subconsciously holding you back, allowing you then to reach and exceed your goals with significantly less effort. It’s very easy, comfortable, and anyone can experience incredible benefit from it.

Curious how hypnotherapy might benefit you?

Here are some of the most common topics clients address during a hypnotherapy session:

Stress and Anxiety

Weight Management

Confidence and Self-Esteem


Inner Child Healing

Goal Achievement: Personal and Professional

Negative Self Talk / Negative Spiral Patterns

Insomnia / Sleep Disorders

Food Aversions / Picky Eating

Food Cravings / Binge Eating

Internal Motivation

Healing after Divorce / Break-up


Panic Attacks


Social Anxiety

Public Speaking

Skill / Performance Enhancement

Habit (Re)formation

Financial Health / Money Blocks


Smoking Cessation

Nail Biting

Coping with Grief and Loss

Personal and Professional Relationship Improvement

Long story short: If an issue you're facing involves your mind in any capacity,
hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to consider.
Who can benefit from hypnotherapy?
Anyone. Really! Neuroscience has now shown that over 90% of our daily life is run on autopilot. Ninety percent. Hypnotherapy provides an opportunity to consciously upgrade the thought patterns that run automatically in our minds everyday to create powerful change. 

Have you ever thought, "I wish I didn't always                      
' or 'I wish I could learn to like                  ," or maybe 'I wish I had the confidence to                    ?" These changes are absolutely possible. Our minds are often the greatest obstacle standing in our way, and that's where hypnotherapy comes into play, systematically rewiring your thought processes to allow for remarkable transformation much more quickly and easily than you might imagine.

There's truly nothing like it.



hypnotherapy topic: anxiety

IT WORKS!!!! I have been to years of therapy and tried medications and NOTHING has helped as much as hypnotherapy. It is such a simple thing to do {listen to the meditation recording} each day, and the impact it has had on my life has been transformational!!!!
My nervous system is more regulated, I am no longer in 'fight or flight' all the time, my anxiety is all but vanished, I am able to enjoy life and experiences more, I no longer 'react' to anxiety triggers and no longer become defensive toward people who previously triggered my anxiety/fight or flight response. My events of 'racing thoughts' and obsessiveness have greatly diminished. I am overall happier and more content. Beth Ann is amazing, and she sincerely cares for each of her clients.
I was concerned about being vulnerable and the investment, but I decided that while God has me on this earth, I want to live life the healthiest that I possibly can, and that is worth giving hypnotherapy a try.
I was surprised by how quickly I began to notice improvements and how it has lasted. Hypnotherapy is rewiring your brain and belief system; it can access parts of you that most people would not typically allow showHypnotherapy has helped me in ways that other approaches never did. I honestly believe my life will never be the same.
Would I choose hypnotherapy with Beth Ann again and recommend it to others? A thousand percent, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how hypnotherapy works:


STEP 1 : 30-60 min intake discussion of relevant background information & your desired results.


STEP 2: 60-120 min session discovering the root cause of your issue, resolving it, and reinstalling upgraded beliefs.


STEP 3: Listen to your custom transformational recording  a minimum of once per day for  30 consecutive days.


STEP 4: You'll receive three check ins via phone or Zoom following your session:  on day 2, between days 7 - 10, & after day 21 .

Interested in learning more about hypnotherapy?
Schedule your complimentary discovery call below to learn more of the science behind hypnotherapy and how this transformational program could benefit you. 

Ready to give hypnotherapy a try?

Interested in hypnotherapy but not sure you're ready for a full package? A digital session is a great way to get a feel for how hypnotherapy works. These powerful, pre-recorded sessions allow you to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy on your own time and without the financial investment of live hypnotherapy. PW's first digital session is now available for you to try at a fraction of the cost of any other hypnotherapy package. Learn more below! 
You've Already Been Hypnotized

In fact, you were hypnotized for the first SEVEN YEARS of your life the entire time, and you're still hypnotized periodically every day even as an adult. A state of hypnosis is simply a specific type of brain wave (an alpha wave) during which your conscious, logical thinking mind is at rest.  After the age of 7, the time we are naturally in an alpha state decreases gradually. In adulthood, we are still in an alpha brain wave every time we are transitioning between sleeping and wakefulness as well as when we're daydreaming off in Lala Land or even when we drive somewhere by habit. You know like when you pull into your driveway only to remember you meant to go to the grocery store? You were in a state of hypnosis then, too.

When your brain is in an alpha wave, especially during the first seven years of your life when your brain is still rapidly developing, your mind absorbs everything you see, feel, hear, and experience as absolute truth. It's why we learn so much so quickly and our personal identity and worldview are each largely formed during this time. Did someone say something rude to you on the playground when you were five? Are you still believing it to be true (and therefore experiencing it as true) today? This is why. Or maybe you had a traumatic experience that caused you to form beliefs about the way life is that are not serving you. Please know that you are not alone, and you have options.

We can't change what happened in the past, but with hypnotherapy we absolutely can change the meaning our minds make of what happened and how the experiences affect us in the present and future. Lies that were embedded in our minds as true based on negative experiences in the past - those lies can be deleted and replaced with real truth, and this changes everything for the better.

WHAT people SAY

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You Don't Need More Willpower

If you've tried and failed to make a certain change in your life time and time again, please hear this loud and clear: YOU ARE NOT WEAK-WILLED. Your mind has simply been conditioned in a way that is currently not conducive to the change you're seeking to make. No matter how much willpower one has, ultimately everyone's willpower has a breaking point.

The goal with hypnotherapy is to eliminate the need for willpower by creating and solidifying thought patterns that cause you to enjoy the process of making the desired change and feel great about it. Let's use a simple example to illustrate this.

Say you've always wanted to exercise consistently, but you never make it more than a couple of weeks with a solid routine before you 'fall off the wagon.' At the root of this predicament, either A) you believe you are not capable of exercising consistently and/or B) you believe exercising is unpleasant and therefore feel resistance to it. 

During your hypnotherapy session, you will be guided through a regression during which you will uncover experiences from earlier in your life that led you to form the belief(s) that are keeping you from reaching your goal of enjoying keeping your body fit. We work together to connect the dots between the events in these experiences and the negative beliefs formed as a result, and we reframe those scenes in a way that frees you from the negativity your mind created in response to them.  

The next step is the magic! Once you've released those old beliefs, your new upgraded beliefs (that you get to design based on your desired outcome!) are installed during the transformation, allowing you to love exercise and easily maintain a consistent fitness routine . . . no willpower required. Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's science, and it's awesome. 

WHAT people SAY

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I chose hypnotherapy to address social anxiety because I was genuinely curious about the process. My initial concern was simply that it wouldn't "work," but as with most things, you get out what you put in. Going in with an open mind made such a difference! And Beth Ann came to the session with a calming, trustworthy presence that instantly put me at ease and allowed me to do my best work.

The effects were immediately noticeable! I even found myself initiating conversation with STRANGERS - something I had never really done before hypnotherapy. Unlike other forms of therapy I've tried, with hypnotherapy I wasn't focused on the "problem" (the negative) afterwards. Instead, I felt myself experiencing a fresh outlook altogether - one in which I was focused on the positive, focused on the feel good aspects of my life without social anxiety, and I continued to experience even greater results long after the session.

The best part was that it was all about me! The session and the recording were both tailored to me, and the fact that I have the recording to use whenever I choose is so helpful. I would and have recommended Beth Ann to others, and I will absolutely do it again. If you're considering hypnotherapy, just go in with an open mind and try it!

joshua, Hypnotherapy Client

Skeptical about hypnotherapy?
Keep reading! You're not alone, and I've got fantastic news for you:
hypnotherapy works just as well for skeptics as it does for believers. Here are answers
to some of the most commonly asked questions:
Is hypnotherapy like the on-stage hypnosis I've seen before? 
Not at all! Hypnosis isn't voodoo or magic - it's science! And believe it or not, you have been hypnotized before for years at a time. Hypnosis is an alpha brain wave state, and we all spend the first seven years of our lives in this brain wave. That's why our early years are so formative! The brain is very malleable in this state, which allows for tremendous and rapid change. Even after the age of 7, throughout each of our days we move in and out of these brainwaves (eg. daydreaming during a boring lecture, driving to familiar locations by habit, etc.)

Beth Ann is certified in a particular hypnotherapy technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). RTT is a very powerful hybrid therapy based on cutting edge neuroscience that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and CBT. RTT offers incredible results by working rapidly and removing the need for ongoing therapy over months or years. As long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will. It's an easy, enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing process.

What are some of the top reasons people try hypnotherapy? 

Self-sabotage is probably #1 because it affects so many aspects life, and most people 'know what they need to do but just don't do it.' Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help us get out of our own way. Other common issues addressed in hypnotherapy include health habit formation, inner child healing, anxiety, sleep / insomnia, weight management, self-confidence, fear / phobia, sugar / food addiction, performance enhancement (work, sales, sports, musical, academic, public speaking, etc), trauma healing (religious, childhood, etc), time management / procrastination. Any area of your life where negative thought patterns are holding you back is a great place to start, and if you're not quite sure you're ready to deep dive into live hypnotherapy, a digital hypnotherapy session is the perfect way to tip-toe in and see for yourself just how powerful hypnotherapy can be

What does it feel like?
Every client's experience is unique. The vast majority of clients simply feel relaxed and at ease. Some people also feel a floating sensation, and others may feel slightly sleepy. What’s most important is to know that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like – it’s working.

Will I be asleep?
Nope! You are aware of everything that is happening throughout the session and you also can't get stuck in hypnosis. You can talk (you will be talking back and forth with Beth Ann quite a bit throughout), move your body, get a tissue, even get up and leave for a bathroom break if necessary. 

Who will be in control of my mind?
You, and only you. You are completely in charge the entire time. You cannot be forced to do anything, and you cannot be taken into hypnosis against your will. It is your experience, and Beth Ann simply facilitates it.

Is my session confidential?
Completely. Every session is fully confidential, and any private information and data you provide is stored securely in accordance with Data Protection / GDPR requirements, which you can read more about in the Terms and Conditions section of this website. 
*However, in cases where there is a Safeguarding concern or a disclosure to self harm, information will be provided to the relevant authorities.

Can I do my hypnotherapy session online?
Absolutely. Almost all PW clients are seen via an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant online platform utilizing zoom. We work with clients all over the world, so distance is not an issue. 

How long is a session?
Each hypnotherapy session typically lasts between 90-120 mins, and it's best that you don't have anything planned for immediately after the session.

How many sessions will I need?
Every client is different, and every issue is unique. Some will only require one session, and other issues can take two or three. It does also depend on your level of commitment to listening to your recording for a minimum of 30 days.

Change can happen in one (or a combination) of three ways:
- Instant: you feel an immediate shift at the conclusion of the session, mentally, emotionally and physically.
- Cumulative: you see consistent shifts day after day, or gradually over time.
- Retroactively: you may not notice change initially but then one day upon looking back, you recognize significant change has occured without you realizing as it happened.
In two different sessions with Beth Ann, we addressed my beliefs about and relationship with food stemming from childhood experiences, and we addressed the effects of a recently discontinued toxic relationship in my life. In both cases I had been holding onto a particular resentment and believing a particular lie for a long time, and those had been keeping me stuck.

I knew I needed to tackle these issues in order to move forward in my wellness journey. Nothing else had really worked to overcome them, and I trusted Beth Ann completely based on the work we'd done together through the Anchors and Thrive programs.

I was able to access memories from my infancy/toddlerhood that I couldn't otherwise access. I also love the part of it where Beth Ann just speaks truth over you - which is quite different from traditional counseling in which they lead you to speak truth over yourself. I think having someone else see and speak those things to you is very powerful. Beth Ann's voice is so soothing and I just love being able to listen any time I might need a little confidence boost or feel myself slipping into an old pattern.

The challenges I was facing in my mindset before hypnotherapy are much improved. Interactions that would have previously wrecked my mindset and my day no longer have that capability. Situations that were stressful in my past are now reminders of how far I've come, and they don't sway me the way they used to. My peace is no longer destroyed by those things!

Before I tried hypnotherapy, I dreaded feeling out of control and honestly, I was a little afraid of what I might say under hypnosis. I also thought I'd be completely unaware of my surroundings and not remember the experience of hypnotherapy, but that was not true. I never did feel out of control and Beth Ann is such a judgment free zone that I knew anything I said would be ok.

stephanie, Hypnotherapy Client

Ready to discover if hypnotherapy is right for you?
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