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restoring body, mind & spirit

Our results-driven, sustainable wellness strategies rooted in 
functional medicine + neuroscience + faith 
equip you to shift the trajectory of your health for life.

Hi! We're Beth Ann & Candice,

and we help busy, amazing women just like you overcome anxiety, eliminate burnout, and thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.

We'll teach you to implement proven techniques for enhancing your wellness everyday based on the foundational elements of nutrition, movement, meditation, mindset, stress management, sleep, and habit formation.. 

Prescription Wellness provides integrative wellness solutions to fit any schedule and budget. We offer digital courses and group programs, as well as our most comprehensive offering, THRIVE,  functional medicine coaching packages completely tailored to you.

Curious if Prescription Wellness is right for you?

are you looking for a better way to be well?

Do you experience stress or anxiety  from the pressures of everyday life?

Do you want to age gracefully and enjoy every phase of life to the fullest?

Are you frustrated with your weight, energy levels, or sleep quality?

Are you overwhelmed by conflicting health & wellness information online? 

Are you curious about cleaner eating & living but don't know where to begin?

Do you feel too busy to care for yourself well or commit to an intense plan? 


Here's what happy PW clients have to say!

"Prescription Wellness equips you to be healthier for life! This is not even about losing that extra weight anymore. That's a {19 pound!} bonus."

-Joy, age 31

"I have been amazed by how these "simple" and "small" changes have been truly life-giving to me!"


-Meredith, age 36

"PW’s holistic approach to wellness is transforming me from the inside out….LITERALLY."

-Heather, age 47

My sleep issues have completely resolved. The education in the course is so valuable and the way it is laid out for the participant is optimal."

-Marilyn, age 49