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Prescription Wellness | Functional Medicine Health Coaching + Meditation + Hypnotherapy | Arkansas

location: Arkansas | United States 

restoring body, mind, & spirit

results-driven, integrative wellness services combining 
functional medicine + meditation + hypnotherapy
equip you to shift the trajectory of your health for life

Prescription Wellness | Functional Medicine Health Coaching + Meditation + Hypnotherapy | Arkansas

Hi! I'm Beth Ann,

and I help busy, amazing high achievers just like you overcome anxiety, eliminate burnout, and thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.

I'll teach you to implement proven techniques for enhancing your wellness everyday based on the foundational elements of nutrition, movement, meditation, mindset, stress management, sleep, and habit formation. 

Prescription Wellness provides integrative wellness solutions to fit any schedule and budget. You can choose self-paced digital courses to enhance your well-being on your timeline or a THRIVE functional medicine coaching package for a completely custom experience tailored to your unique needs and desires. Beth Ann also now offers hypnotherapy, a powerful neuroscientific tool to remove limiting subconscious beliefs allowing you to reach and exceed your goals easily and sustainably.

Are you looking for a better way to be well?

Do you experience stress or anxiety  from the pressures of everyday life?

Do you want to age gracefully and enjoy every phase of life to the fullest?

Are you frustrated with your weight, energy levels, or sleep quality?

Are you overwhelmed by conflicting health & wellness information online? 

Do you feel too busy to care for yourself well or commit to an intense plan?

Do you feel like you know what to do, but your mind gets in your way?  

I get it because I've been there. This is why Prescription Wellness exists! I encourage you to schedule a complimentary consult below to discuss your goals as well as the PW approach to helping you achieve them. 

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