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Beth Ann Davenport, PharmD

Wellness Consultant | Functional Medicine Pharmacist

Are you ready to feel truly well?

My life forever changed when I learned to define wellness as a continual process to restore my mind, body, and spirit to God's design for their function together.


I don’t mean to sound dramatic.

(Kidding. I totally mean to sound dramatic.)

That truth is life changing.

Our health is tremendously influenced by what we put into our bodies, by our lifestyles, 

and by how we handle stress -

choices that we all make daily.  

You have the empowering choice to improve

your health everyday. And you do not have to make those choices alone!

Prescription Wellness takes a holistic approach to stewarding well the one body and one life we've each been given, and to do it in a way that is backed by science.


Your DNA can even become a custom road map to help guide us to the absolute best choices for you!

 It is possible to be truly well.

I would be honored to help show you how. 


Beth Ann

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