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reduce anxiety, master stress, boost energy, deepen sleep, improve clarity & reconnect to yourself
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being a mother is the
best reason to take incredible
care of yourself

What is Summer of Freedom?
We want to take one of the most stressful seasons of motherhood (hello, summer) and REDEFINE it! Summer doesn’t have to mean stress and anxiety takes away your peace. In SOF we’re showing you how to claim peace over pace.
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+ tired from carrying the mental load for your family energy
+ fat reduction
+ stable mood
+ improved sleep
The first program of it's kind, Anchors teaches women how to achieve long-term wellness combined with immediate results. We joined our foundational digital course with our most popular nutritional elimination plan/detox . . . then we added group coaching, community, and optional individual coaching.
You'll learn practical strategies to implement core principles of functional medicine and nutrition, the latest in neuro-scientific research, and Scripture-based meditation into your everyday life. As you place sustainable anchors rooted in science and faith into your daily routines, we'll help you build a flexible structure foundational to well-being. 
The best part? Anchors sets you up to add health and vitality to your life while continually optimizing the incredible design of your body long after you've completed the program.
Other wellness programs focus on weight loss or nutrition but fail to focus on why we aren't feeling our best.  Anchors will help you improve your well-being from the root up as you uncover the TRUTH that we are made to be well physically, mentally, and spiritually.  You'll be amazed at how simple, consistent action can bring such massive impact in your life!
What to Expect:


Reimagine motherhood through mastering stress, connecting to self & embracing counter-cultural peace > pace. 


Learn + implement proven strategies rooted in 

  functional medicine to nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits well. 


You'll have  two dedicated coaches + a group of like-minded women who want to help you succeed and have fun doing it!


Women just like you have found better sleep, more energy,  improved mood, weight loss, less anxiety, and more confidence.

What's included?
weekly lessons rooted in functional medicine
balanced approach to nutrition + minerals  
subconscious reprogramming + upgrading
group a
ccountability + community

group coaching with Drs. Jen & Beth Ann
Scripture-based guided meditations
grocery lists & recipes
S U M M E R   O F   F R E E D O M
  • Summer of Freedom Digital Wellness Lessons {value: $375}

  • Wellness Foundations Materials {value: $150}

  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions w/ Jen & Beth Ann {value: $425}

  • Private 'Voxer' Community + Support w/ Jen & Beth Ann {value: $250}

  • 15% off Professional-Grade Supplements {value: $varies}

  • Grocery Lists + Recipes {value: $55}

  • LOTS of bonuses!



Image by Antonino Visalli

Overcome your Barriers

"I can't believe I'm saying this

but I don't crave sugar anymore!" 

Sarah F. *

functional medicine coaching

Discover and Reconnect with your Purpose

"Simply life-changing.

I've learned so much."

Meredith C.*

functional medicine wellness and fitness

Small Steps + Big Results

"It blows my mind that by doing LESS

I can finally reach my goals."

Veronica O.*

Imagine kids starting school next fall with a relaxed, joyful mama ...
It's possible. Let's experience it together.

* Names of clients may have been changed
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