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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

It's time for a confession... are you ready? I started a wellness company having no idea just how unwell I was. What a racket, right? I didn’t jump into business a fraud of any sort, mind you - I was totally healthy on paper. All my numbers and stats (you know the important ones they check for life insurance and such) were precisely where they needed to be, and I had poured myself into this business as a way to share everything I had learned and was continuing to learn with others. It has been an absolute dream from the very beginning in many ways, one the Lord allowed to come to fruition. But over the course of a few months not long after the launch of Prescription Wellness, God would embark on an altogether different mission - an excavation way down into the depths of my heart. If you’ve read my story before (you can find it HERE), you should know it was incomplete. I was 32 years old - OF COURSE my story was incomplete. All of our stories are incomplete in this life, but I didn’t recognize that at the time. The story I wrote nearly two years ago was all about me and my choices, and a gaping hole is so evident. I left out the most critical component of true wellness. Jesus. Much of what I teach about health and wellness could easily be construed as self-help, so let’s make sure we’re clear on roles here. This is not a space where you are told to be the hero of your own story. Jesus is the hero here. You, however, are called to be an active participant in your life with Him, and let me assure you: it is a ride. I’m sharing more of my story over the course of the next several days as part of hope*writers #hopewriterlife fall writing challenge. Today’s writing prompt was ‘start,’ and I am so grateful that in Christ, any starting point really is just the beginning. I am beyond excited and honored to share with y’all. Love + All My Best,

Beth Ann

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