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At a writing conference this summer, Jonathan Merritt, (one of my favorite authors of all time) read a one sentence pitch of my writing and stated, “It’s wordy...”

I didn’t argue, though, because a) he’s super cool, and b) he was right.

He then asked what I was trying to say, and less than a minute into a (wordy) explanation of my background as a second generation pharmacist in the least healthy state in the nation who now studies functional medicine and is heaven-bent on helping folks get well, he politely interrupted.

“Are you writing about how western medicine is failing us from the perspective of someone who has seen behind the curtain? Because THAT would be fascinating.”

This angle had not even entered my mind. I do not dwell on the negative. Ever. I’m an #enneagram7, so I tend to gravitate away from any topic that isn’t fun + warm + fuzzy. My angle is ALWAYS positive.

The “western medicine is failing us” approach to improving our well-being involves no rainbows, no unicorns, and no fairies... it is not a fun thought. . And yet there was something to it that I couldn’t shake.

Here’s the thing. Western Medicine itself is not our enemy - it fixes people’s broken parts and is amazing at keeping us *alive*. We often take those miracles for granted. . The problem is that for multiple generations, our culture has elevated modern medicine to idol status and passed the buck for keeping us *well* entirely to this healthcare system.

In doing so, we removed personal responsibility for our health, ignored accountability for the impact of our actions on current and future generations, and minimized the true magnificence of all God’s creation, potentially failing ourselves.

Key word: potentially.

Past generations made these choices, but we can learn from their mistakes and make better ones. . The Author and Creator of the universe designed systems so intricate and complex we are barely beginning to scratch the surface of comprehending them. . Optimizing this design is stewardship at its finest and our greatest hope for getting well.

We must do better for ourselves, our children, and the world our God created.

It is time.

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