functional medicine health coaching and digital wellness course
foundational wellness course  +  nutritional elimination  +  group coaching  +  community
reduce anxiety, improve mental clarity, lose excess weight, gain energy and sleep better...
all in 6 weeks. 
What is ANCHORS?
The first program of it's kind, Anchors teaches women of faith how to achieve long-term wellness combined with immediate results. We joined our foundational wellness course with our most popular nutritional elimination plan / detox . . . then we added group coaching, community, and a whole lot of amazing bonuses.
Real Results from our clients in this program:
+ more energy
+ fat loss
+ stable mood
+ improved sleep
+ less brain fog/ more mental clarity
+ feel better supported in their health 
+ greater sense of purpose
+ deeper connections in personal relationships
+ long-term plan for wellness

Interested in Anchors?

Looking for a completely custom experience tailored specifically to you? We've got you covered!


functional medicine wellness consultation packages

Overcome your Barriers

"I can't believe I'm saying this

but I don't crave sugar anymore!" 

Sarah F. *

Discover and Reconnect with your Purpose

"Simply life-changing.

I've learned so much."

Meredith C.*

Small Steps + Big Results

"It blows my mind that by doing LESS

I can finally reach my goals."

Monica O.*

Hi! We're Candice & Beth Ann,
and we're so honored you're here. We know the wellness world can be super overwhelming, which is why we're committed to sharing the tools and strategies that provide the most impact for you, teaching you how to implement them in your own life everyday. Think of us as your professional filters, supporting you as you change the trajectory of your health one high-impact habit at a time. 

Curious if Anchors or Thrive is right for you?
We'd love to talk with you about all the options, and help you decide if one is a good fit for you!

* Names of clients may have been changed