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Beth Ann's Story

I am a pharmacist who is finally convinced that the best medication is prepared on the kitchen counter.  I say finally because I should have reached this conclusion long before I did! My father, also a pharmacist, has always been ahead of his time, and he's been living functional medicine principles for as long as I can remember. He even hired a nutritionist to focus on natural health in our small town community pharmacy in the 90's (The 90's! The decade of "low fat" high sugar / uber processed everything). But as the story goes, I had to come to the knowledge on my own, and that took some . . . time.


I survived the majority of my twenties on microwaveable mac’n’cheese, fun size candy bars, and diet drinks (I wish I were kidding). The concept of portion control has always made sense to me – I’m only a little over 5 feet tall, so it seems reasonable (albeit unfair) that I can’t eat as much as someone closer to the six foot mark. Calories were the only measure that mattered, and I was completely convinced that all calories were created equally until I found out I was expecting our first child a little over six years ago.

Teased by some coworkers that I would have a “macaroni baby” (again, not even an exaggeration), I harnessed all the super power that comes with pregnancy and nursing, and I made the healthiest decisions I had ever in my life up to that point made. But then . . . ever so gradually, I slipped back toward poor eating habits and all the busy modern life things, and only seemed to really prioritize quality nutrition and healthy habits when I was growing or nourishing another life besides my own.


Martyr, much, Beth Ann? Let's move on! To skip a lot of details and get to the heart of the matter, I'll fast forward a couple of years.


We had two precious children, a toddler and an infant, and then we were surprised and incredibly blessed with the opportunity to adopt our third child.  I found myself in my thirties, trying to fill the roles of wife, mother of three children three-and-under, pharmacist, friend, and I honestly can’t remember what else. My head still spins trying to remember those dizzying months. Despite what any of my loved ones would be willing to tell you on record, it wasn’t my best work.

The turning point came for me about three months after our third child joined our family. There was no bolt of lightning or epiphany or last straw that was a catalyst for change. I just simply decided one day that I was not going to be a victim- not a victim of motherhood or of American culture or of aging or of anything else. I was going to need to take care of myself (in a way I really hadn't ever before), and then I would give my best to each role to which I had been called.​​


​Not long after I began to make changes in my life at home, I also started incorporating what I was learning into my work. As I helped patients manage their medication, I quickly found myself spending more and more time on the nutrition and therapeutic lifestyle changes that are really first line therapy for almost every chronic disease.


I shifted the focus of my continuing education and clinical experience as much as possible to nutrition, disease prevention, appropriately studied supplements, and lifestyle modifications for improved overall health, and that eventually led to functional medicine. I joined the Institute for Functional Medicine, immediately dove into their intense and thorough coursework, and immersed myself in all things natural healing. 

Here's the thing - there is so much hope!  Prescription Wellness exists to share knowledge and tools about functional nutrition, physical activity, quality rest, and healthy stress management to make a real impact in the lives of others - in your life! We can work together to transform your health and help you live your life well.