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Encouragement + Immunity

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Your immune system is magnificent, and the whole world needs you to know that right now.

We are all aware that social distancing is an important part of our social responsibility… what if we told you that by supporting your own immune system you’re also protecting those around you who may be vulnerable?

No joke - We’re not sure why no one is really talking about this approach, so we wanted to give you a little encouragement and explanation about how amazing and important your immune system really is because the first step in boosting immunity is appreciating its immense capability.

Simply put, healthy immune systems are where bad bugs go to die.

Let’s talk about an ideal scenario: We’ll say a healthy person (Sally? Sure.) comes into contact with a virus or bacteria. We’ll call this little enemy, I don’t know… Shmovid.

Shmovid makes it’s way past Sally’s first line of defense, her skin, when she unconsciously touches her face at the grocery store. Sally has been sleeping great, exercising, limiting intake of sugar and bad news, meditating, and supplementing Vitamin D, Vitamin C, liposomal glutathione, and zinc.

So now what happens? Her ahhhhmazing (well-supported) immune system recognizes this invader as foreign and immediately launches an insanely intricate, brilliant defense. Sally was made for this (and so were you!).

Within a matter of days, not only does Sally’s body kill that particular Shmovid, it also creates a new permanent task force within her so that if any other Shmovids should ever enter her body, it will have a much harder time affecting her well-being. Perhaps with only minor symptoms (which are actually just signs that her body is working) or maybe even with no symptoms at all, victory is won.

We’ll assume that Sally is also doing her part and social distancing, especially from high risk individuals, so if she should be contagious with Schmovid (or anything else), she’s not spreading the germs to vulnerable people around her.

If the majority of Sally’s community is taking care of themselves like she is, then the same situation goes down inside each of them so that whenever society is fully released back into the public, Shmovid isn’t likely to be transmitted to our grandmas or our immunocompromised aunts because it’s run its course.

Basically, Sally just saved the world. Excellent work, Sally.

If you’re thinking, “yeah but a vaccine is coming soon so my personal health won’t matter as much.”... that’s not the whole picture. If you’re wondering why we can’t just vaccinate to create herd immunity, I hear you. Not in a million years do I want to start an online conversation about immunization ethics, but I do want to say one thing on the topic because it is not disputable. Whether a person is vaccinated or not, a healthy immune system (and strong collective immunity of society) is critical.

For one, an appropriate immune response is necessary to effectively develop immunity from a vaccine. Also, (this isn’t the best piece of news, but…) viruses mutate. Immunity from an immunization strain does not always equal immunity to a mutated strain, but a healthy immune system is much more likely to build immunity to the mutation more quickly and effectively.

Bottom line: vaccine or no vaccine, if you have a functioning immune system, the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and for the world at large is to beef that baby up. If you’d like to know our favorite strategies to do just that, you can access a free immunity module here.

We believe in you, we believe in your immune system, and the world needs you to believe in your immune system, too. Let’s save the world, together.


Beth Ann & Candice

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