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Here's what happy PW clients have to say!

"Prescription Wellness equips you to be healthier for life! This is not even about losing that extra weight anymore. That's a {19 pound!} bonus."

-Joy, age 31

Ladies, you are miracle workers. My A1c today was 5.8 (down from 7.2), and I have lost 11 pounds! The Dr was stunned. He reduced both my diabetes meds & said to keep doing what I'm doing!

- Margaret, age 55

"I stopped chronic reflux medicine I'd been on for years, no longer feel bloated, have more energy without caffeine, AND I lost 15 pounds.

-Lindsay, age 42

"PW has kicked my whole intestinal system into gear. I've always dealt with stomach trouble - been to doctors, had scopes, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Your program made a world of difference!

- Brooke, age 35 

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