Hi, I'm Candice!

As an Enneagram 2 (“The Helper”), it’s nearly impossible for me to NOT want to inspire and equip others to be the best version of themselves. When I experience something that elevates me in any way- physically, emotionally or spiritually- it’s deeply fulfilling for me to share it in a way that brings value to your life. There’s a sacred thread of womanhood that connects us and growth for one of us can lead to growth for all of us if we allow it.  


I’m an Alabama-bred, proud resident of Miami. Having grown up in a military family, I’ve learned that home can be wherever you are and that contentment depends on what is within. While this positive mindset came naturally to me in my adolescence, I found it required effort to maintain while balancing career, marriage, and parenting our four small children.



I had a fast-paced, high-achieving adulthood from the moment I moved out at age 17 and worked three simultaneous jobs as I paid for my college education while seeking as many “resume-builders” as possible. I paid for my postgraduate tuition at the University of Alabama by working on campus as well as part-time off-campus employment. I took pride in being busy. 


The first 15 years of my professional career weren't entirely unenjoyable, but I admittedly worked as if the fate of the world depended on my efforts alone. I was never a “check the box” kind of gal. 


Fast-forward to motherhood and I hit a wall; that wall had a name: “Super-Mom.”  It’s what many well-intentioned friends and family called me and it was what I felt I had to be at all times, even to my great detriment. I had 4 children in 3.5 years. I raised my babies while raising a successful business and made dang sure I fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes as quickly as possible, with a smile on my face.


With each pregnancy, my post-partum depression and anxiety worsened. After my last pregnancy, I experienced a “rock bottom” moment that forced me to ask for help from my husband and from God. It was that moment that began my journey back upward and I learned that “self care” is empty unless it’s “soul care."


Image by Annie Gray


My past experience in pharmaceuticals and medical technology taught me that modern healthcare is more about “sick care.”  Women in particular feel overwhelmed by vague recommendations they hear at every turn  (“reduce stress”, “sleep more”, “exercise”, “eat better”) and so we are frozen in indecision. I am passionate about showing women that it is absolutely possible to achieve their optimal health. It doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. It doesn’t have to feel hard. 



I’ve been amazed over the last decade to find that it wasn’t my obvious, "big" things that made the most significant difference in my life, but the small, faithful steps that I did repeatedly. Racing a couple Ironman 70.3 Triathlons impacted my health and fitness less in the long run than simply waking up early to do a short run with a friend. a few times a week.   Similarly, I was tempted to rely on caffeine for my daily energy… maybe this was just how motherhood was supposed to feel? But when I instead switched my afternoon cafecito for a green smoothie I found that I had MORE energy and more patience. Crazy, I know. 

These-- and other-- daily behaviors have made all the difference for me. I can’t wait to share more with you!